Sir Henry’s restaurant, formerly the Henry Gurnett, Aveley built in around 1275 – 1310 AD & set in the heart of Aveley & is now the only standing V frame building in Essex

The Manor was passed down the family line until around 1300 when the land was rented by Henry Gernet. Henry now had a large estate in Wennington, Aveley and Rainham.

As with all buildings there are rumours of misdeeds and murders attached to it .

Sir Henrys pond, is rumoured to be the burial site of many local women who was accused of being witches. These woman would of had their head ducked into the water repeatedly until they drowned & if they survived they would of been sent for trial in Chelmsford with their fate ultimately being death by burning alive or pushed from a cliff.
The victims of Sir Henrys witch pond are listed below

1580 Joyce Duckerell of South Ockendon
1583 Agnes Billinge of South Ockendon
1592 Elizabeth Boxer of Aveley
1616 Margaret Lambe of South Ockendon
1576 Margaret Saunder of Rainham
1632 Mary Cutford of Rainham